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 YF 2013

YF 2013b

Youth Forum at the 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Bay of Quinte Conference

Here is a listing of information about youth events in the Oshawa Presbytery and the Bay of Quinte Conference. Youth Forum 2015 will happen during the Annual General Meeting of the Bay of Quinte Conference in Wellington on May 29-31. Registration forms are available at:

NOTE: resources for Racial Justice Training can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Sunday Night Live is a an informal worship event for the young and the young-at-heart. Please stay posted for our next event. 


Visit with Moderator Mardi Tindal at Northminster UC, Peterborough

linking youth together to fight HIV/AIDS

In September of 2009, we met our $60,000 goal!
At the Annual Meeting of the United Church’s Bay of Quinte Conference in June of 2007, a Youth proposal challenged Youth Groups in the Conference to raise $60,000 for a youth-related outreach project. On October 13th a group of youth met as a part of the Conference Mission, Outreach and Advocacy (MOA) division and decided to take on an “Extra Measures” request from the Christian Council of Tanzania who want to start a project with HIV/AIDS positive youth. In Tanzania, as in many countries in Africa, lack of sexual health education and a reluctance to be tested due to the social stigma placed on those with HIV/AIDS result in the continued spread of the disease. A 2006 World Health Organization report states that one third of all those currently infected with HIV/AIDS are youth between the ages of 15 to 24; more than 2.6 million young people are infected each year.

The Christian Council of Tanzania has organized the “POSITIVE YOUTH ALLIANCE”. With our help,this project would extend to more HIV positive youth from Musoma and Geita. They would receive testing and treatment as needed. They would be a part of support and counseling to help overcome the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS. They would receive training and funding to establish income-generating activities. These youth would in turn spread their message in secondary schools and churches to encourage other youth to protect themselves and to be tested for HIV. There is the potential to reach tens of thousands of youth and parents with their message.

Coming out of the October 13th MOA meeting, we decided to hold an event called “YOU to YOUTH” to educate ourselves about HIV/AIDS and brainstorm with youth in the conference on how to take this issue back to our congregations and meet our goal of raising $60,000. At this event we heard from people who have worked on the front lines against AIDS in Africa. We drummed along with the Abbey North Drummers. We lived and learned as a community and developed educational and promotional resources; we developed strategies and tools for fundraising in our congregations and communities, some of which wel presented in the Sunday worship.

Racial Justice Training resources: