PVUC has a continuing connection with Dr. Paul Thistle and Karanda Mission Hospital. Located in Northern Zimbabwe, Karanda Hospital is a 150 bed facility treating 100,000+ patients and performing 3,500+ surgeries annually.

A big Thank You goes out to many who donated supplies and dollars to support Karanda Mission Hospital in 2019, more than last year.
Thank you to those who brought bags of items every Sunday, who secured donations from businesses, who went to Value Village stores on Seniors’ Days to buy crutches, who obtained walkers and crutches from the Salvation Army stores, who dug into their own pocket to buy medical, surgical and general supplies, who sewed clothes for needy children, who sorted and packed items, who donated money, who packed a truck and 2 vans and transported everything to Scarborough. What a great team effort! We pray that everything will arrive safely at Karanda to be a blessing in the work of staff like Dr. Paul and Pedrinah Thistle and their thousands of patients.

Dr. Paul Thistle periodically visits PVUC to bring greetings and the latest news from the hospital. He will tentatively next be at the Church for the Sunday service in June, 2020. A wish list for the hospital will appear in the February Voice. You may place donated items in the box in the Narthex. If you have big items, please contact the office or Ruth Webster. To help purchase medical supplies, cheques may be made out to PVUC Mission and Service with Karanda on the subject line.

Dr. Thistle 2

Dr. Thistle 3

 Dr. Thistle 4

Photos from Dr. Thistle and his family’s visit to PVUC on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dresses for children sewen by PVUC and community volunteers

Some of the dresses sewn for girls at Karanda Hospital by PVUC and community volunteers.

Thistle boys outfits

Outfits for boys at Karanda Hospital made by PVUC members and community volunteers.

Thistle donations

A few of the multitude of items donated for Karanda Hopital and awaiting shipment.

Thistle donations 2

PVUC M&S Chair Ruth Webster shows Dr. Thistle some of the items boxed and
ready for shipment to Karanda Hospital

Thistle, wife, Fran Sancroft

Dr. Thistle and his wife with PVUC member Fran Sancroft

The Thistle Family with Shirley Guppy and Suzanne Blake