With a strong commitment to Mission, PVUC events are regularly raising awareness of and financial support for several non-church programs.

Our PVUC Board meeting on October 27, 2015 gave unanimous approval for the refugee committee to proceed with sponsorship and settlement of refugees. Thus PVUC has joined Dunbarton-Fairport United Church (Pickering) and Pickering Islamic Center in a joint venture to sponsor and settle refugees.
Our Mission Statement: As a sponsoring committee we seek to provide service, outreach and support to refugees regardless of country of origin, race or religion. We will be formed and informed by our experience with refugees.
With guidance from the Refugee Advisor for The United Church of Canada, we decided to sponsor refugees under the Blended VOR Program. Refugees that come to Canada under this program have first been identified by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and then referred to a Canadian Visa Office. They have had their medical and security clearance done and are waiting for sponsorship in refugee camps. Under this program the government pays for 6 months of the settlement period; we, the sponsors, pay for startup and 6 months.
From the extensive list, we selected two brothers from Eritrea, an African country bordering the Red Sea, who are currently in Kenya. They are ages 39 and 26, speaking 4 languages including English, with experience in running a small business. We feel that they would be able to adjust Canadian urban/suburban life with assistance from our many committee members. The application papers are being completed to be sent to Winnipeg for processing. Our two refugees could be here within a period of 3 weeks up to 3 months from the acceptance of our application. Also we will receive $5,000 from Toronto Conference towards our project.
How can you help? To donate money write a cheque to PVUC with ‘Refugees’ in the subject line so that your contribution can then be forwarded to the New Beginnings bank account and you will receive a receipt from PVUC for income tax purposes. You may wish to organize a fundraising event. You may donate good quality furniture or appliances. If you have special skills or experience that you think could be used to help resettle refugees please let us know. Monetary donations can also be made by clicking here.
We hope that this will be a positive experience for the two refugees we are sponsoring initially, and that we may continue sponsoring refugees well into the future as there is need.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Group 90 meets at PVUC. As well PVUC has been a strong supporter of FRONTIERS FOUNDATION, which was founded by the late Rev. Charles Catto and builds homes for off-Reserve aboriginal citizens. FRONTIERS also serves in Haiti.
Every Baptism Sunday we collect donations for the SLEEPING CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD program.
Over 14 years, our PVUC Golf Tournament raised some $320,000 for Durham area charities and the outreach work of PVUC.
Every year, through The United Church’s MISSION AND SERVICE FUND, we support a very
large number of sites and services across Canada and around the world. In 2017 our Mission and Service goal is $30,000.
With many others we work, speak and contribute financially to such international causes as care for AIDS patients in Africa, disaster relief and peace.