PVUC has a variety of spaces available for rent including a gymnasium, a large meeting room, kitchen facilities, a 400 seat sanctuary with a piano, organ and audio/visual system and a Chapel/Fellowship Room. As well there are a variety of smaller rooms available. The upstairs Sanctuary and downstairs Chapel/Friendship Room are both equipped with state of the art audio and video equipment.

The building is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator between the two levels. There is parking on both the north and south side of the building able to accomodate over 200 cars.

For further information, contact the Office at (905) 683-4721 or email pvuc@pvuc.ca

A number of community groups such as Scouts, Beavers, Rangers, Venturers, Guides, Pathfinders, Amnesty International, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meet regularly at PVUC. We also have a variety of sporting groups who make use of our facilities.

Over the years we have also hosted school graduations, piano recitals, summer day camps, and baby showers to name a few of the individuals and groups who have rented space at PVUC.

Prices vary according to the duration of the rental and the space(s) required.

Below are copies of our rental agreement, rules for renters, and our sleepover policy.

 Facility Users Agreement

 Facility Users Rules Brochure  

 Policy for Sleepovers  and  Fire Safety Plan for Overnight Stays   and  Fire Safety Map



pic - sanctuary.jpg

The Sanctuary  (upstairs level, carpeted)

Seating: 400

(includes the Overflow area)

Audio/Visual facilities available including 2 screens, sound system, video recording, CD/DVD playback; grand piano and organ. 

There is also a lobby area with ample coat racks.









 gym2_smaller_size.jpg Our Gym

(downstairs level, linoleum)


Chairs only: 437

Chairs with Tables (dining): 298

Chairs with Tables (other): 345


 Fellowship_Hall_smallThe Fellowship Hall

(downstairs level, linoleum)


Chairs only: 324

Chairs with Tables (dining): 221

Chairs with Tables (other): 256



 Audley Chapel and

Friendship Room 

(downstairs level, hardwood)


Chairs only: 80

Audiio/Visual faciities, screen, electronic piano, podium




The upstairs level also includes the following meeting spaces:

Upper Room

Overflow which can be screened off from the Sanctuary

Lounge with kitchenette and direct access to the Sanctuary

Choir Room with upright piano and direct access to the Sanctuary

The downstairs level also includes childcare areas and smaller meeting room with direct access to the Fellowship Hall.

The large downstairs kitchen is fully equipped and provides serving access to both the gym and Fellowship Hall. Usage of the kitchen is retricted to those whose request to use the kitchen has been approved by the U.C.W.