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Welcome to the website of Pickering Village United Church! You can learn a little bit about us here – some names and pictures, some information about our various missions and ministries. You can even look at a Sunday order of service or check out a video of our worship services. But what we’d really like to do is welcome you in person! When you walk through our main door on a Sunday morning, you’ll find a community of friendly people and smiling faces – a little bit of chatter, a lot of smiles, and some laughter. I realize that I said that we’d like to welcome you, but we don’t really have to do that. After all, the church is a family. We’re all God’s children, so you’re already a part of the family. You already belong here, and we’ll just be glad to see you. On Sundays, you’ll experience an inspiring service of worship focusing on Jesus, with some thought-provoking reflections and some great music. And on most Sundays you can get to know us better over coffee afterward. There’s nursery and Sunday School for your kids – it’s truly a family gathering. But we’re involved with a lot more than just Sunday worship. At PVUC you can explore issues of life and faith, you can listen quietly without being pressured to “sign up,” and you can express your doubts and ask your questions – because doubts and questions are a part of faith. You can become as involved as you want, or you can take some time to learn what makes us “tick.” I hope that we’ll have a chance to get to know you better!
                                                                                                        Rev. Dr. Steven Davis

PVUC is a very caring and active multi-generational congregation with a strong sense of social justice. We embrace a holistic approach to faith; walking with and caring for each other, mind, body and spirit. We are passionate in expressing our views and ideas as we strive to live out our mission statement:
“The Spirit of God and His love are working in our congregation. We want to share these gifts daily with our growing community by proclaiming and teaching the Word, visiting, witnessing and ministering to everyone, including those outside our existing church family. We will seek to recognize and meet the needs of our congregation and community. We will continue to support the church’s mission beyond our community.”
We are a worship community that enjoys the fellowship, warmth, satisfaction and just plain fun of working together to turn the words of the mission statement into action.  Regardless of your age or stage of life, there is something for you at PVUC!  You are invited to join us and explore the many activities and groups that are the life of our church.
Children and elders, middlers and teens,
singles and doubles and in-betweens,
Strong eighty fivers and street-wise sixteens, for we are a part of the family.
Chuck Hay, Church Board Chair

PVUC receives a NEW HORIZONS FOR SENIORS GRANT from the Federal government. Click here for more information.

Click here for information on room rentals, weddings, baptisms, Worship, and a Map. For information on our ministers, music director and staff click here.

Have a look under Our Mission for information about the many social, medical and personal growth programs, local and international, which our congregation supports. Activity groups, upcoming events and information on the history of PVUC can be found in Our Church Life  where you will also find various PVUC groups such as the United Church Women, the Men’s Group and the Craft Group.

Our online Calendar provides information on weekly activities with dates and times of events and meetings. 
You can find information about Sunday SchoolYouth Group, and family events under Christian Development. Worship bulletins, worship service videos and the PVUC Voice newsletter are found in Our Message.     
Office Hours: Weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
For a list of support and other groups meeting at PVUC, click here. For information on New Beginnings (Interfaith Immigrant Support group) click here.

Sunday Coffee Hour Teams – Coffee Hour Teams 2017-2018