A message from a PVUC family. Click here

As a family there are 3 essential reasons we attend Pickering Village United Church; worship, friendship and personal growth.

All are welcome to worship at Pickering Village United. As a family we enjoy the weekly messages. We are not “preached” to but rather reminded that we are not alone and that we can always look to the Lord and our congregation for comfort.

Nobody is a stranger at Pickering Village. From the first day we walked into the church we have felt welcome. The phrase “people are not stuffy” may not be the most political correct statement but it certainly speaks to how friendly everyone is here. The weekly coffee hours that occur after each service are just another opportunity to grow new friendships.

Over the years we have become members of the church and both our children have been baptized here. Not only is worship important but so is “getting involved”. Extra curricular events are very important at PVUC. There is always something going on or to look forward to. Our family has enjoyed such activities as weekly youth gathering events, the annual golf tournament, Camp Scugog, special Christmas plays and special concerts. The entire Blouin family has grown since joining this great congregation.

Paul has stepped up and is an integral part of the Communications committee. He has learned how to run the sound system at the church which is something that is very new and different for him. He had absolutely no experience but when he was approached to help out he accepted the challenge and has been encouraged to continue the good work Tracey was approached to help out with head ushering the weekly services. Again, this request came without there being any previous experience and even though there has been a couple of “slip ups” along the way there is always encouraging words to “keep up the good work”.

Andrew and Michelle have particularly grown from their experiences at PVUC. As they get older they too are encouraged to “get involved” and they both enjoy doing just that. Andrew is the youth representative on the Board and Michelle helps out in the Nursery School. Pickering Village United Church is a huge part of our lives. May God continue to bless this fabulous congregation. – pictured (l-r) Tracey, Michelle, Paul, Andrew Blouin