With our great thanks, you can contribute to PVUC using one of the following methods.

Donations/Offerings to PVUC via Bank E-Transfers:

  1.  Go to the e-transfer section of your online banking site.
  2. Create or add “New Recipient”. Contact Information: “PVUC”. Type in the following email address: gf-treasurer@pvuc.ca
  3. Indicate how much you would like to donate.
  4. Message (optional) Section: Type in name of sender and how you would like funds allocated, e.g.: General 50, M and S 20, Trustees 10
    Note: Two scenarios when completing:

    1. If the bank system requires a password, please complete. As you move forward through the process the system will inform you later that no password is required by PVUC.
    2. Other bank systems will indicate early in the process that no password is required and funds will be sent automatically when you complete the transaction.

Donations/Offerings to PVUC via CanadaHelps.org

Click here to visit CanadaHelps.org to make a donation.