July 2020

We hope that this email finds you well at this very uncertain time.

As one of our valuable renters here at Pickering Village United Church (PVUC), we wanted to update you on the status of our Church building.  With the outbreak of COVID-19, you might be aware that our Church building and Church office have been officially closed since March 18, 2020.  With the recent lifting of some restrictions, PVUC is now in the initial stages of planning how, and when, we will be ready to re-open our Church building.

Our Church has two committees working diligently to analyze what guidelines we need to be aware of and how to accomplish our goals of eventually re-opening in a safe manner for all concerned.  As you can imagine, we acknowledge that this process is very serious and complicated with many facets to consider and we want to handle the process as efficiently as we can.

Phase 1 of our re-opening involves the security of movement within the building and the cleaning and sanitization of all aspects of inhabiting the building again.  To that end, we are asking you to contact Ruth Fox at pvuc@pvuc.ca or 905-683-4721 (leave a message), and make arrangements with her to return all building keys to us as soon as possible. This will allow us to secure the building to achieve our comfort zone of a safe building.  Your $25 key deposit will be returned to you at that time if your group is not planning to return at any time.

One major requirement for all our future renters will be the submission of their group plan to combat COVID-19.  We ask that if you are hoping to return sometime in the near future, you begin putting together a proposal to PVUC outlining how you propose to conduct yourselves prior to, during your usage, and after your usage is complete with respect to the current guidelines of preventing COVID-19, including, but not limited to, cleaning, washrooms, parking, etc.  In this way, when PVUC is ready to open to its renters, there will be less of a delay in meeting our requirements.

If you have any questions about this email, please feel free to contact the office.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Douglas Brown, Chair of Property

Bill Fox, Chair of Re-Opening Task Group

Pam Spence, Council Chair